What You Can Expect From Our Selling Experience

There really is no alternative to Affitto that comes close when it comes to selling your home for the price you want, quickly. Check out just how we do it below:

Over 1800+ Properties Sold By Affitto

We have gained a portfolio and reputation that speaks for itself. We also work with some of the most reputable partners in the property world, that ensure you’re safe and gain the maximum exposure your property deserves. 

The Selling Experience With Affitto

Here are just a few of the reasons our average list to SSTC turnaround time is ONLY 13 days. 

Property Tours

Studio quality property tours using our state of the art equipment to ensure the footage of your property is smooth and presentable, thus attracting buyers or tenants with a high intent level.

Social Campaign

With every house sale, we launch a social media campaign to promote your property to everyone within a 10 mile radius via Instagram and Facebook to reach an unrivalled level of exposure.

Stunning 'Buy Me' Boards

Attractive boards are everything when it comes to presenting and marketing your property. Let your local neighbourhood know your property is available to purchase in style with Affitto 'Buy Me' boards.

7 Day Viewings

We understand that potential buyers are working full time, perhaps work shifts or are just busy people. That's why we offer flexible viewing schedules including our 7 day a week viewing benefits.

Valuation Expertise

Using a combination of tools, expertise and experience, we can assure you that Affitto will get the best price for your property in a comfortable time frame.